Pet Therapy

What is Pet Therapy?

When you spend time with a dog something magical happens.

It relaxes you, and makes you smile.

Chemically the feel good hormone oxytocin is released by the human and also by the dog so the benefit is mutual.

It has also been proven to lower your blood pressure when you spend time with a dog.

Dogs are everyone's best friend, they are loyal, loving and make for excellent companions.

We feel that offering the warmth of a dog and their owners to others is a good thing to do.

Where can it be used?

We feel that Pet Therapy can be used in many settings where people can benefit from the furry stress relief.

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Care Homes, Mental Health Services, Courtrooms, Vulnerable Witness Interviews, Doctors Surgeries, Hospitals, Exam Rooms, Prisons, People Socially Isolated in the Community, Residential Homes, Learning Disability Services, Autism Services, Airports, Hospice, Day Services.

We also provide staff wellbeing day visits.

The Benefits

We believe close interactions with a therapy dog can:

Lower blood pressure

Decrease anxiety

Boost social skills

Combat loneliness & social isolation

Increase levels of the 'feel good' hormone Oxytocin

Support children to read at school and at home

Help students during exam time at college

Boost staff morale in a work environment

Encourage social interaction between humans

It is also beneficial for the volunteer as we get so much reward from the visits.