Pet Therapy

Why volunteer with us

Spending time with your beloved dog making some one else feel good is a very rewarding activity.

We will provide you with support and advice as well as peer support from current volunteers is available via our support hub.

As volunteers we get so much positive feedback from the visits where everyone feels good. It has been proven that volunteering is good for your overall wellbeing.

Is it right for you and your dog?

We have an assessment criteria that your dog will have to meet. You also as a volunteer will need to have the right motives for making a difference.

Not all dogs are social butterflies, they may be affectionate at home but not necessarily with strangers. You know your dog better than anyone else.

If you have a passion for doing good and you think your dogs will enjoy it then please get in touch.

How to volunteer

Please download the following assessment criteria and application form and return to the address on the form.

Any queries please do not hesitate to email us at


Volunteer Application Form PDF
Assessment Criteria PDF
Volunteer Policy Document PDF